(2015 Q4 - 2016 Q1)


Intro Drawing was a very relaxed course, moreso focused on aspects that surround animation than actual animation itself. It focused a lot more on certain tidbits that were important to indie animators and the like while not being the main focus of the student.

Animal-Mesh Project (2015-10)

The Animal-Mesh Project was a small exercise for us, done by fusing animals and inanimate objects together to see how well we can put them together, in terms of making them interesting and well-designed.

Character Creation Project (2015-11)

For our second project, we had to create a character from scratch, showing our process in their development. For me I made would-be detective and part-time writer Primm Proper. Her development notes are available as a PDF on the right.

Storyboarding Project (2015-12)

As a follow-up to our Character Creation Project, we were tasked with creating a beginner storyboard and then to isolate the key points of the narrative to show how well we can communicate its main structure.

Draft Frames

Key Frames


Animation I was essentially the introductory course to truly getting into the art of animation, starting off with simple movements and concepts to prepare for moving onto more complex and nuanced motions.

Gravity Animation Project (2015-09)

The ever-classic falling leaf and bouncing ball animation. Pretty much what all animation teachers try to get us to do first. I don't quite remember if the box is as well-known or even widely used but it was great for depicting heavy weight, too.

Rotation-Morph Animation Project (2015-10)

A rotation and simultaneous morph animation from my Animation I class. We all had an item we would morph the previous object into - my section went from a small stuffed wolf to a small Funko Pop Pony. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the full video that includes all the students so all I can provide is my little bit.

Class Anijam/Walk Cycle Project (2015-12)

For the last project in our class, we had to create a semi-distinct walk cycle as well as a transition from the previous student's character to fit into a looping Anijam. As with the Rotation-Morph Project, I only have my section available to show. It was pretty fun though, despite only having learned the foundations of animation at the time.

2D ANIMATION I (2015 Q4)

2D Animation was a class with a more experimental approach in terms of teaching what it says on the tin. It approaches 2D in its specific terms, not limiting itself to character-based animation (even if I leaned a lot towards it) and tried to make us understand the other aspects of 2D Animation that doesn't get noticed as much.

Kinetic Image Sequence Project (2015-09)

The Kinematic Image Sequence (KIS) Project was a pretty fun one for me. I got to use makeshift images of lights close up to essentially create a ballroom dance animation. It took a little bit of figuring stuff out, but all in all I think I did pretty well for just dipping my toes into it.

Seasonal Cycle Project (2015-10)

Seasons of Love was a Seasonal Cycle Project I made for my 2D Animation I Class in late 2015 to showcase us being able to cycle through... well... the different seasons using both foreground and background elements as well as character disposition. It was pretty interesting although the first time using actual effects with Premiere, albeit a bit difficult.

Rambling Walk Project (2015-12)

School's Out was the Rambling Walk Project for my 2D Animation I class in late 2015. This one was pretty rough since I had no idea how incredibly finnicky Premiere Pro could be when setting up assets. A lot of stuff disappeared and popped in and out or just plain were in the wrong position because I didn't understand quite how a 3D setup in the program and automatic lighting worked in it.


A straightforward course, Storyboarding is about... storyboarding, in different mediums from beatboards to traditional storyboards and animatics. The class ranged from giving us pointers on pacing to clarity and cinematography.

Time Progression Storyboard (2016-01)

Insert-Shot Storyboard (2016-02)

Close-Up Storyboard (2016-02)

Dialogue-based Animatic (2016-02)

Terrible, cheesy, no effort voice acting. Watch at your own risk.

An project that asked us to make an animatic to match the dialogue of whatever we chose. It was a pretty interesting first attempt at an animatic, too. Man, remembering the voice was... an experience, though. I never really liked my voice and this little bit of it definitely doesn't help.

Movement-based Animatic (2016-02)

This animatic was a pretty fun one, too. It always filled me with a small sense of pride putting my Original Characters (OCs) in any piece of animated work, even as just an animatic.

This one, in retrospect, was pretty important too since it started me on the path of getting into seeing how transitions can be more creative than just the usual cut.

Dynamic Animatic (2016-03)

The Dynamic Animatic was where I started getting (probably unnecessarily) detailed whilst making my storyboards. This one tasked us with making more creative angles and compositions for our cinematography while still making it clear to read. It was especially fun trying to go out of my usual safe space of making mostly down to earth scenarios and try to make more action-based work that I've aimed to do one day.

Genre Animatic (2016-04)

The Genre Animatic Project had each student randomly choose a genre that we would have to create a scenario for and subsequently create an animatic that effectively portrays it without spelling it out. For my part, I was given "Rom-Com" so I played with that a bit and did pretty well if the reception in class was anything to go by.

Beatboard Project (2016-04)


A continuation of my 2D Animation I Class from the previous semester. 2D Anim II pushed us harder than we were used to from the first class, making us work with bigger, more elaborate projects both solo and in a group.

Collaborative Animatic (2016-02)

For one of our earlier projects, we were to collaborate with another student in creating a draft animatic, audio and direction included. It was pretty fun all in all, though I did most of the work while my friend mostly just helped think up the idea.

Character Animation Project (2016-03)

Monkey Business was a starter Character Animation, learning mostly about puppets and layering among other things. We were also made to use silhouettes so that we can be made to sell the animation through the main action alone.

Final Animation Project (2016-04)

Stray was one of my favourite things I've made (despite having my voice in it). It's actually based on a short poem I made in the middle of class at the beginning of the school year so I really liked being able to just straight up make something of my own with little to no restrictions or requirements other than using what I've learned. Some of it is still pretty rough because of my inexperience but it turned out well regardless.

I roam the cold streets
Doors open, one by one
My brothers and sisters 
Find their new homes
While I remain shunned 

I scurry on home
Here I rest and lay 
A place where I’m all alone
In the embrace of the cold
All night and all day

Through the summer’s heat
And the autumn wind
The freezing winter
And showers of spring
Hitting and drowning my fur and my skin

A  titan shatters my rest
And thus my eyes open
Mine meet theirs
And I am entranced
By this warmth much like heaven


A current runs through me
As I enter your embrace
My old world disappears
Ever slowly
As a tear runs down my face

The warmth around me lingers
Through the ages in this place
For now until the end
I’ll stand by you
For this stray has found its place